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  • Michele (Friday, May 01 20 10:07 pm BST)

    hi , we bought 3 paintings from you 15 years ago , which we still love we will be in port isaac in july we will definitely come and see you , to see your new collection

  • Philip Azzopardi (Friday, September 13 19 12:14 pm BST)

    Met Martyn in Port Isacc over 20 years ago, lovely to bring all those fond memories into our home, paintings look fantastic.
    Great guy to deal with
    Thank you

  • Darren (Sunday, August 18 19 10:37 am BST)

    Martyn is an exceptional artist and a great person. We love his style and are extremely happy with our pieces.

  • Suzanne (Sunday, July 21 19 09:34 am BST)

    Martyn Is an incredibly humble person, down to earth with unparalleled energy and zest that is reflected in all his stunning work. I am so thrilled to have purchased one of his latest works that gives complete joy! Everyone comments on how unique and beautiful it is. Martyn is a real secret and is quietly becoming a huge name in the art world.

  • Jemma (Sunday, July 21 19 08:14 am BST)

    Martyn has a true talent for capturing all that Cornwall has to offer. We are lucky enough to own several beautiful pieces of his art which always bring a smile to our faces. His new work is fabulous and fresh can’t wait to see more!!

  • rob dd (Saturday, July 20 19 03:55 pm BST)

    Martyn encapsulates Cornwall and it's magic in his paintings. His seascapes are truly magical; the viewer can smell the sea and feel the sand beneath their feet. His Gallery is a must see when in Port Isaac. Move over Doc Martin!!!

  • Suji Wong (Thursday, July 18 19 10:02 pm BST)

    Martyn’s emblematic boats & sea creatures are lively & beguiling but his latest land & seascapes capture the viewer’s gaze! Dramatic, bold & mesmerizing! ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦

  • Helen Ridgwell (Thursday, July 18 19 07:51 pm BST)

    Very special to us. The first artwork me and my husband bought together.

  • Ruminda (Thursday, July 18 19 08:34 am BST)

    I have met him in Sri Lanka and love his work

  • Paola Oliver (Tuesday, July 16 19 05:18 pm BST)

    Martyn's paintings bring me memories of my childhood summers near the sea, I love the stroke and design that applies to his works. The light, colours and shapes are wonderful!

  • Lukas (Tuesday, July 16 19 10:42 am BST)

    Martyn came to my studio in Florence for a month s course in fine art, his passion and dedication was inspiring to us all at the school. He showed discipline and motivation, his constant search for innovation is making his work unique. We have no doubt that he has become a very talented artist. Lukas, Studio d'Arte Toscanella, Firenze

  • Caeron (Sunday, July 14 19 04:33 pm BST)

    I absolutely love martins work, he is a truly passionate artist with real edge , I have a number of pieces in my home. He himself is a kind and colourful character which is born out in his work . Your passion is inspiring Martin x

  • Sophie (Friday, July 12 19 10:56 am BST)

    Loving the new collection of works!

  • Hugh (Friday, July 12 19 10:31 am BST)

    Dempsey is a proper artist, edgy and real. The paintings look even better once they are in your home.

  • Carla (Friday, July 12 19 10:19 am BST)

    Beautiful art that has a true Cornish feel/ look. Reminiscent of those fabulous holiday memories.

  • Jeff Tibbles (Monday, July 08 19 08:20 pm BST)

    We first met Martyn at his studio in Port Isaac in 2018. We bought a couple of his sea creature sculptures and have gone on to purchase a few more since (ah Mr Big Crab) :) Since our first meeting we have met on a few more occasions and become friends. Martyn is a really nice guy, very easy to deal with and always happy to take the time to explain his work and any new projects he is involved with.

  • Ellinor Sweden (Monday, July 08 19 06:24 pm BST)

    Martyn is an amazing artist with a passion for hos work and curiousity for life! Im proud to have his sculptures in my house that remind me of the playful and beautiful life!

  • Lise (Monday, July 08 19 12:49 pm BST)

    Martyn your art work is out standing, I just love the way you capture the rawness of the gorgeous Cornish country side and the amazing colour's you use.I have one of Martyns small boats that my mum had for her birthday and she loves it.
    Lovely work and a pleasure to see new art work.

  • Lise (Monday, July 08 19 12:44 pm BST)

    Wow Martyn your new art work is amazing. I love how you capture the rawness of our beautiful Cornish country side, a talent you certainly have. A joy to look at your Web site.

  • Nicholas Morgan (Monday, July 08 19 11:31 am BST)

    We had the privilege to meet Martyn 18 years ago in Cornwall.
    My wife bought me an amazing seascape .
    We now have several of his beautiful works of art .
    Martyn is a true artist , he lives and breathes for art and is never afraid to experiment with his incredible ideas.

  • manicure (Sunday, April 30 17 11:37 am BST)

    There's definately a great deal to find out about this subject.
    I really like all the points you've made.

  • Patricia Hansen (Sunday, March 12 17 03:30 pm GMT)

    I bought one of your crabs when I was in the Cromer area. It is beautifully crafted.

  • Ignacio McBurney (Saturday, April 16 16 01:39 am BST)

    I really like your work. Greetings from an old friend. Congrats!


  • Derek (Tuesday, March 01 16 09:19 am GMT)

    We went to buy one particular painting we had seen on a previous flying visit to Port Isaac, when the gallery was closed. We were so impressed with Martyn's work and personality we bought three
    paintings and commissioned him for a fourth. Highly delighted with his artwork.

  • Dario (Saturday, January 09 16 07:10 pm GMT)

    Having had the pleasure of witnessing both Martyns extensive artwork and seeing him paint firsthand, it's obvious that this is an artist with both raw natural talent and innovative style and

  • Vanessa (Sunday, November 22 15 10:34 pm GMT)

    Bought a big canvas of Martyn's art work,..! Contemporary of a crayfish & prawn, bold, bright colours.... I'm so happy with it thank you so much .. It's in my living room & everyone makes a
    comment about Who's the Artist..

  • Lesley Barrand (Wednesday, November 18 15 08:36 pm GMT)

    Saw painting in gallery window last year couldn't stop thinking it would be perfect for the barn I was renovating got in touch with Martyn he had recently done another one of which I am a very now a
    very proud owner. Thank you Martyn

  • Ed (Tuesday, November 17 15 12:24 pm GMT)

    Martyn recently created three stunning pieces of artwork for us. Fantastic result and great service. Thank you. Ed and Charlotte.

  • Alan Dooley (Friday, July 17 15 01:19 pm BST)

    Received our latest painting this week, and as always we are delighted with it. Thank you so much Martyn. You are a real gentleman.

    Kindest regards
    Alan Dooley

  • Francesca Hunt (Friday, July 17 15 09:13 am BST)

    This gallery has amazing peace's of artwork. I was lucky enough to purchase a really unique carved sculpture. Never seen anyone else sell work quite like this!

  • Lourdes (Wednesday, July 08 15 10:26 pm BST)

    Thank you so much for our latest painting.
    So delighted with it

  • Anita Hambrook (Thursday, May 28 15 04:49 pm BST)

    Bought my 5th picture last week.Love your work.Cant come to Port Isaac with out visiting your gallery. Got my 1st painting in 2000 & its still hanging in pride of place

  • Sarah coates (Friday, April 03 15 05:06 pm BST)

    Stayed in Port Isaac and came across the gallery. Purchased a lovely ship painting that is so beautiful and unique. Can't wait to take it home. He has some cool collections of random stuff!!!

  • Katsina Rothschild (Saturday, March 21 15 08:55 pm GMT)

    I am absolutely loving your work. You're a fresh new artist who will go far. You have a great feeling for the coast and I feel it every time I look at your work. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Charlotte Fawcett (Sunday, March 08 15 06:48 pm GMT)

    Just bought a stunning picture of boats in blue. Can't wait to get it on the wall.

  • Colin (Wednesday, December 03 14 08:25 am GMT)

    Our Painting is Amazing.Thank you,

    Colin,Tina and Tori,

  • Richard (Wednesday, December 03 14 08:17 am GMT)

    Thank you so very much,we just love it.

  • emma swindells (Wednesday, December 03 14 08:06 am GMT)


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